• 6 Things Potential Clients are Dying to Hear From You

    1. We know what it feels like

    “Dealing with the legalese can be a pain in the arse. We keep it simple for non-lawyers.”

    1. We’re an exclusive club

    “We don’t usually put our dresses on sale, only to the ladies of exquisite fashion tastes like you.”

    1. You can get this for free

    “We see you bought a dog cabin for your Brownie. Here, give him this bag of dog snacks, it’s our gift.”

    “Here’s three $50 vouchers on our software so you and your programmer friends can try it.”

    1. This is the surest option

    “There are many designers out there, but the landing pages we create get the highest conversion rate. Here’s a proof.”

    1. It worked for him, it’ll work for you

    “We’re the guys who hacked the readership growth of TechRanch.”

    “You know your friend Pete Ellis? He’s now earning $800 a month from the franchise we sold him.”

    1. It pays off, big time

    “When you have great headlines, you generate a hundred more visits, that’s a thousand-dollar revenue, added each year.”

    “For a one-time payment of $99, you’ll never have to worry about scratching your car again. That’s a lot of money you save from repainting.”